About Excellent Custom Clothing

About Excellent Custom Clothing makes clothes to your size, height and style. The only clothing brand to do so.

It is also about sustainability as there is no waste either at our end or yours. We don’t have any clothes left over at the end of the season as we only make what the customer orders. And you are more likely to find clothes that meet your size, height and style requirements and hence will have nothing that hangs unused in your closet.

What Excellent Custom Clothing means to the customer

Customers say three things most often about Excellent Custom Clothing: they feel confident in clothes made to their size, height and style, they get a lot of compliments and they feel feminine! When you buy new clothes, you expect them to make you look your best. But if the size, height or styling does not suit you, that hope and expectation is not met. That is the difference that Excellent Custom Clothing makes.

Customization is easy

Customization is fast

Customization is affordable